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Lasers Machines Spares
CNC Routers Machines Spares
Air Blower

It is an air sucker, used to suck out harmful fumes or smoke from the machine.

Air Compressor

It is used to provide compressed air over the material being cut.

Display & Controller

It is a very sensitive electronic part,with user friendly display. It commands different parts of machine, to run them as per the computer design.

Honey Comb Table

It is a hexagonal metal mesh used under the material being cut, to minimize the reflections.

Rotary Attachment

It is used to make cylindrical jobs.

Laser Tube

It is made of glass and filled with co2 gas, Laser beam produces inside the laser tube.

Lens / Mirror

lens concentrate the laser beam amd increase its intencity and mirror only reflects the laser beam.

Laser power Supply

It is used to provide extra High voltage, to power the laser tube.

Industrial Water Chiller

It is a water chilling system; It circulates chilled water through the heating parts of the machine to cool them.

Water Pump

It is submersible water pump used to circulate cool water through the heating part of machine.

Router Collect

A collect is the steel sleeve that holds a router bit.

Router DSP Handset

It is control set which control all movment of Machine.


It senses the nearness of the axis of the machine. It is used to confine the movement of the machine axis.

Dust collector

It is dust removal system used with the router machine, to collect dust and small particles during the cutting.

Motor and Driver

It is a combination to move machine’s axis in a controlled way.

Rotary Attachment

It is used to make cylindrical jobs like pillar etc.


Router tool or bit helps you to cut and engrave job.

Spindle (Water Cooled)

Spindle is a main part of the machine it is run at higher frequency and used to cut and Engrav any material.

Spindle (Air Cooled)

Information same as spindle water cooled.


is used to power the main board of the machine. It is basically a AC to DC Convertor 


Router tool or bit helps you to cut and engrave job

V Tool

Is a type of cutting and engraving tools. It creates V shape on the cutting path at the material

VFD Drive

VFD stands for Variable Frequency Drive. It is used to run and control the rotation of the spindle at high frequency